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The decision to purchase or sell real estate is among the most significant financial decisions that anyone individual can make in their lifetime. This is why choosing a real estate professional with substantial experience and knowledge of the real estate industry is essential to reaching your desired real estate goals. Market intelligence is an underrated attribute that the majority of real estate agents lack, an attribute that is vital to securing the absolute best deal for your particular real estate transaction.

“As your real estate professional you have my firm commitment that I will work hard to achieve all of your desired objectives. My promise is to establish and maintain honesty and thorough lines of communication in order to provide unmatched quality services and the highest degree of professionalism.”Herb Diaz

Herb Diaz – Broker/ Founder

About Herb Diaz – Herb has been a real estate professional for the last 12 years, a period in which the industry has experienced significant change. The real estate industry has been revolutionized as a consequence of the financial crisis of 2008 and the evolution of the internet and social media. As a result, the knowledge and experience he achieved during this period is an invaluable asset which he utilizes to assist his clients reach their desired real estate goals.

A California State University, Northridge Alum he obtained a B.S. Degree in Business Law which provided him the necessary groundwork to develop his aggressive negotiating approach to real property transactions and his profound knowledge of real estate law. His experience, knowledge and overall expertise have allowed him continued success which has resulted in over 1200 closed real estate transactions. This is a by product of his commitment to 3 core values he lives by: 1) Maintain an honest and thorough line of communication with each and every client 2) Never compromise customer loyalty to close a transaction 3) Always keep clients best interest at heart.

W. Earl Hearvey – Realtor/ VP of Business Development

About Earl Hearvey – Earl is a 12 year Real Estate and Mortgage industry veteran. He has seen and has experienced the changes of the industry both good and bad. Although the industry presents many challenges as the market continues to adjust, the one constant is the principle that the customer has a right to honesty, respect and full commitment before, during and after the transaction is initiated.

Mr. Hearvey has a long record of successfully guiding clients of all demographical and economical positions through all phases of their real estate transaction with precision knowledge of the Southern California residential and multi-unit market. His specific areas of expertise include property presentation for maximum price, strong negotiation skills for buyers and sellers, investment property, educating clients of the industry and buying/selling process. Also, with his knowledge of the mortgage industry, Earl can review a loan package to ensure you are receiving the optimal deal based on your current financial position. Earl has industry longevity and has accomplished this by never compromising his business and operating in an ethical manner at all times.

Earl has an Undergraduate Degree from Cal State San Marcos in Global Business with an emphasis in Cross Cultural and Brand Marketing. Upon graduating, Earl attended New York University and received a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis on Finance with MBA courses in Entrepreneurship and Investments.

When you’re looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of buying and selling a home, you’ve come to the right place at PLF Real Estate Solutions. The experience, knowledge, dedication and strong communication you’ll receive here will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home or the purchase of the home where the pride of ownership is realized.

Mike Ramirez – Realtor

Mike Ramirez is a professional Realtor that is dedicated to helping his clients buy and sell their ideal home with the highest level of expertise. The buying and selling process is not easily understood; nonetheless, Mike strives to provide the best service, experience and knowledge to find the property or business transaction suitable to your requirements. Nothing is more exciting to Mike than the feeling he gets from helping people meet their real estate needs.

Mike will always do what’s in your best interest. He prides himself on being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in the real estate marketplace. Mike understands how important it is to find the perfect property or get the best offer for your listing. Mike makes it his responsibility to help you accomplish your real estate goals.

Whether or not you are an experienced investor or first time buyer, Mike can help you in finding the property of your dreams. Give Mike the opportunity to represent you every step of the way through the buying and selling process by contacting him to set up an appointment today.

Jamie Hammontree – Real Estate Agent

Jamie Hammontree has been a real estate professional for the past 10 years. With her years of experience, she brings vital knowledge and understanding to each real estate transaction; in turn, this helps her provide our clientele with superior real estate services. She lives by one principle; the clients best interest is her best interest and she works hard to realize her client’s goals each and every time.
Jamie is a well-travelled and cultured real estate pro. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, has lived in various parts of the country and has called Whittier, CA home for the past 20 years. Jamie is also a devout Christian; henceforth, she has a deeper and higher moral background which in turn has helped set her apart from the rest; she clearly demonstrates high ethical principles and character, traits that fall short of the industry standard. With this, she also brings her positive outlook and enthusiasm to each transaction; which makes the real estate sale a comfortable, stress free process. Whether a buyer is interested in a small lot purchase, or a seller is interested in selling large residential home; there is no transaction to small or too large for her to handle.

Cliff Martin – Real Estate Agent

Cliff Martin was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. One of his passions and virtue’s is real estate; he has a life long commitment of excellence to a career that he truly loves. He has over 12 years of experience in sales, banking, and business management. His knowledge and experience have helped him provide the best customer service to all his clients. Cliff is a family man and devout Christian; his high moral background and deep love for Jesus Christ have helped him develop his high standards and expectations of himself; and therefore helped him provide his clients with superior quality service. A licensed Real Estate professional in both California and Washington, Cliff continues to expand his horizons in order to deliver the best expert real estate services

Passion– Real Estate Agent

+Passion, determination and a commitment to excellence is what helps separate Priscilla Martus from the rest of the pack. The pursuit of the “American Dream” and helping others achieve it is what fuels her passion for real estate. Priscilla brings more than 20 years of public relations and marketing experience in the sports entertainment and fashion industry; experience and knowledge that has facilitated a seamless transition into the real estate marketplace.
Born in Los Angeles and a Pico Rivera Native, Priscilla is a St. Paul Alumni and has been a dynamic success in all of her endeavors. She initially made her mark in sports entertainment, appearing on ESPN and working with the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Muhammad Ali, experiences that have aided her development and understanding of luxury client relations and helped her spearhead her success in real property transactions. She embraces the day-to-day pressure of high-end real estate, mostly due in part to her development and success with Baby Phat Clothing. Multi-tasking and high expectations can be overwhelming for most agents; however, Priscilla thrives in this environment and her skills have translated into a significant advantage to our clientele during their real estate transactions.
Priscilla’s commitment to her client’s needs, goals and desires is unwavering. From your initial house hunt, to contract negotiations, to closing, she will help guide you each and every step of the way to ensure success. “The goal behind each client is not a commission; it is the relentless pursuit of their goals and ambitions so that we can exceed expectations and create a lifelong partnership.” ~ Priscilla Martus

Rio Hondo
Born in Los Angeles, Raised in Pico Rivera, attended St. Paul
Fitness Sports Modeling- ESPN, various sports commentating, understands different cultures pressure stands
Clothing Industry Manufacturing- cross colours (marketing, PR-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mahammad Ali Product placement TV Sets), Baby Phat (Pre-production, samples, travelled over seas developed product, design department helped it grow 40 people, developed line) multi task, meet deadlines, fabric sales, 20 Million products, Cinderella

Abelina Nava-Chacon – Real Estate Agent

“Helping you achieve your Real Estate Dreams”
Achieving the American Dream is not an easy undertaking, yet you have positioned yourself for that next step. There is no bigger undertaking and accomplishment than the purchase or sale of your home. As your agent at PLF Real Estate Solutions, I will provide the proper guidance and support backed by an experienced team, to help you achieve your real estate goals.

About: Abelina Nava-Chacon

As your real estate advisor, I am committed to providing you with the utmost professional and informed services that each client with PLF Real Estate Services has received. My background includes a Business Administration Degree- emphasis in Accounting. I have extensive marketing experience in newsprint advertising, telecommunications field, and tax preparation experience. My passion has always been to provide clients with excellent service, clear and prompt lines of communication, and meeting individual needs with a Solutions oriented perspective and support. I have worked directly with our company founder, Herb Diaz, and know first hand his and our commitment to client support and guidance through the entire process of the selling/purchase of Real Estate.

You will have access to maximum research on the purchase or sale of your home through our company resources. We will make available to you a strong property presentation, using multiple media outlets for maximum price attainment for sellers, strong negotiation skills for buyers, sellers, and investment property transactions. You will receive current real estate market information throughout the buying or selling process.

As your real estate office, we are committed to giving buyers and sellers access to a SOLUTIONS oriented staff with seasoned knowledge of the mortgage industry, including the review of a loan package to ensure you are receiving the optimal deal based on your current financial position.

The success of your purchase or sale will be accomplished with our fundamental belief of never compromising business relations and operating in an ethical manner at all times.

I look forward to “Helping you achieve your Real Estate Dreams”
Abelina Nava-Chacon
PLF Real Estate Solutions